Gino Marrocco started acting on stage and radio at the age of 5. He turned professional at the age of 13 and has been a full-time working actor and a member of ACTRA (and all it's predecessors) since then. Gino is also a member of Actors' Equity and has a U.S. Green Card.

Having grown-up in the "business", Gino has played every imaginable role. His unlimited versatility as an actor kept him from being typecast at different stages of his career. Gino has appeared in numerous stage productions, on TV Gino started working at the very beginning of live television and has appeared in well over 300 TV and film productions (feature films, TV specials, TV series and TV movies), as well as a multitude of radio drama productions and countless radio and TV commercials. Gino considers himself very fortunate to have succeeded in a career that has spanned six decades, and to have worked alongside some of the industry's most respected actors and directors.

Gino was founder and for more than 20 years, Artistic Director of Zodiac Players, which later became Backdoor Theatre, in Toronto. During those years, his theatre was successful in providing a showcase for many new and established actors and playwrights. For many years, Gino taught acting at his theatre as well as giving acting workshops at Ryerson University and Seneca College. Over the years Gino has directed many stage productions, earning favourable reviews from such critics as Nathan Cohen, Urjo Kareda, Herbert Whittaker, Doug Bale, John Clare, Gethin James, Robert Martin and Bill Cameron.

Gino Marrocco has written three children's plays ("The Secret of the Magic Puzzle", "The Space Ranger in Search of the Jumping Bean" and "Eloise's Christmas Present") that have been successfully produced numerous times. Gino has enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, a satisfying and lengthy career that over the years has steadily gained momentum. Gino is highly respected as a professional, who when at work, is totally committed to his craft.

In the last few years, Gino has returned to writing, something that he did a lot of at one time. He has recently completed a pilot for a weekly 1/2 hour sitcom titled "Acting Out", a farcical, fast moving comedy about a struggling pizzeria run by Sal, a retired sixty-something construction worker who, in order to pay the bills, is forced to rent his storage room to Adam, his thirty-something actor son turned part-time amateur lawyer, who is determined to take on the legal system in defence of the average "Joe". Due to lack of funds, Adam in turn sublets and shares the storage room with Violetta, a talent agent who resentfully and reluctantly represents "unique talent", or more accurately put, a bunch of colourful, comical and dysfunctional rejects.

The script has been viewed favourably by Michael Snook (of Westwind Pictures), an established, highly respected and multiple award winning producer and Steve Levitan, President and CEO of Protocol Entertainment Inc., as well as a number of other professionals in the industry (the Pilot and Series Bible are available to interested parties). At the present Gino has two more writing projects in the works, a feature film titled "When Time Runs Out" and a sitcom pilot titled "Mob School".

Gino was President of ACTRA, Toronto Branch, for 13 years and 2 years as National President of ACTRA. He also served on most committees, the Executive and Board of Directors of ACTRA, for about 34 years.

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